Monday, September 6, 2010

Having a Straight back in Rukoo` (For Men)

The true and proper way to do Rukoo' for men is to keep your back straight and push your knees back, so in essence from someone looking from the side view you body is 90 degrees.

First we go to hadeeth. This is an excerpt from the long hadeeth on Salaah by Hammaad ibn 'Eesaa. 

Scenario of Hadeeth:
Hammaad prayed in front of our 6th Imaam (AS), the Imaam said he prayed VERY bad. And then the Imaam (AS) prays himself and Hammaad is narrated exactly what he saw.

ثم ركع و ملأ كفيه من ركبتيه منفرجات و رد ركبتيه إلى خلف حتى استوى ظهره حتى لو صب عليه قطرة من ماء أو دهن لم تزل لاستواء ظهره
Translation: "...Then (he performed) rukoo` and placed his palms on his separated knees, and moved his knees back (that is, straightened them completely), until his back straighted to the extent that if one were to pour a drop of water or oil on it, it would not fall off of his back due to its straightness..."
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1.     Majlisi said this hadeeth is ""Hasan(here) and in Al-Faqeeh (Man Laa YaHDuruh) is SaHeeH"
-->Mir'aat Al-'Uqool, vol. 15, pg. 101
-->Milaadh Al-Akhyaar, vol. 3, pg. 539

Here is a picture of a guy performing Rukoo' the right way. (Do NOT look at his feet placement they are TOO far apart, but his back and everything is good.) 

NOTE: Fingers must be spread out when you have your hands on your knees.


  1. Salamu Alaikom,

    Thank you very much.

    Could you provide information that indicates fingers must be spread during Ruku?

  2. Wa `Alaykum Assalaam,

    Accoring to Al-`Urwa Al-Wuthqaa, a major fiqh work that is taught in the Hawzas. Here is what it says about Rukoo`.

    وضع الكفين على الركبتين مفرجات الاصابع
    "Place your palms upon your knees separating your fingers..."
    - Al-Yazdee, Al-`Urwa Al-Wuthqa, vol. 2, Kitaab Al-Salaah, Section: Rukoo`, Ruling # 26, pg. 552, part 3 of ruling 26