Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Al-Mufeed Talks About a Group of Soofees

و الحلاجية ضرب من أصحاب التصوف و هم أصحاب الإباحة و القول بالحلول و لم يكن الحلاج يتخصص بإظهار التشيع و إن كان ظاهر أمره التصوف و هم قوم ملحدة و زنادقة يموهون بمظاهرة كل فرقة بدينهم و يدعون للحلاج الأباطيل و يجرون في ذلك مجرى المجوس في دعواهم لزرادشت‏ المعجزات و مجرى النصارى في دعواهم لرهبانهم الآيات و البينات و المجوس و النصارى أقرب إلى العمل بالعبادات منهم و هم أبعد من الشرائع و العمل بها من النصارى و المجوس

And the Hallaajiyyah, are a group from the Soofees, and they are the people of disclosure (?) (ibaaHah) and they say about embodiment (incarnation) (al-hulool)*. And it was that they Al-Hallaajiyyah outwardly claimed to be a Shee`ah, but (instead) had apparent actions of the Soofees. And they are apostates and irreligious people, disguising apparently to every sect of their religion, and calling to false (powers) of Al-Hallaaj, and (like) that of the majoos (fire-worshippers) who used to call to Zoroaster, and the Christians who called to their monks the clear ayah (signs). Yet, majoos (fire-worshippers) and Christians are nearer to their worship rituals than they are, and, they (the Hallaaj) are further from the share`ah and actions than the Christians and Majoos.
1.       Al-Mufeed, taSaHeeH Al-`Itiqaad, pg. 131 (First Edition, published on 1413 in Qum, Iran)

*Al-Hulool - is the belief that it is possible and permissible for Allaah (سبحانه و تعالى) to become incarnated in man’s body.


  1. Sufism is one of the biggest evils and it's one of the reasons shi'ism was corrupted. it's indeed a great evil and an awful deviance and this is why ahlbayt were so strongly opposed to any form of tasawwof we have sahih hadiths condemning tasawwof and even those who sympathize with it and its followers.

  2. Salam,
    You translated الحلاج by al Hallaajiyyah which is a wrong translation.
    Al Hallaajiyyah = الحلاجية
    Al Hallaj = الحلاج = Mansur Al-Hallaj

    His biography :

  3. تصوف کا دلکش پھندا .

    تصوف نے کیسے جاہل لوگوں کو گمراہ کیا
    سنئے اور جانئے .